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July 17

Polar Plunge in July? Can Your Building Take It? The one thing that is constant about the weather is it is not constant. For example, this very week we experienced cooler temperatures and rain in July due to a polar plunge in the Midwest. This cold snap reduced average temperatures by
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June 12

Common is Not a Bad Thing – Especially for Your Commercial Roof Common core, common cold, commoner – depending upon the day, and your chosen definition, common has become almost a dirty word. At the very least, it’s not something we revere. In fact, it reflects things so mundane that
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Nov 8

It’s Budget Time – Do You Know What Your Roofing & Waterproofing Issues Are? It’s that time again to forecast, predict and document expenses for your commercial property for the next year.  Budgeting is like trying to predict the future.  Without a crystal ball, it’s difficult to
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