Hailstorms are prevalent in Texas, and every homeowner needs to prepare adequately for the aftermath of roof work. Out-of-town or inexperienced roofers often tape flyers to customers’ front doors and many yard signs spring up in neighborhoods. As a result, it’s easy to fall victim to storm chasers and face costly consequences with the authorities and your insurance carrier. Always do your homework to ensure your roofing contractor meets all the legal requirements for Texas. In a nutshell, here are the two requirements to ask for before hiring a roofer.

1. Insurance is a Must

All roofing companies in Texas must carry liability and workers’ compensation insurance to legally work on your roof. They should show proof of insurance and further demonstrate they have the experience to handle your specific type of roof. Some contractors even carry around fraudulent insurance documents. Don’t just trust anyone, call the insurance company on the document and verify for yourself.

2. State License is Necessary but Not Mandatory

Roofing contractors are not mandated to hold a state license in Texas, but they should have a voluntary license through the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas. Since roofing is a highly skilled trade and your roof is structurally the most critical component of your home, it’s important to work with a licensed roofer.

The RCAT Licensed Roofers program was designed to improve consumer protection and ensure public confidence in the roofing field. It’s meant to elevate the knowledge and professionalism of roofing contractors through voluntary self-regulation.

Individuals are eligible for licensing, not companies. However, the licensee must own, manage, or operate a roofing company for a minimum of three years to be eligible for registration. The company may then advertise themselves as a licensed roofing contractor.

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