Repair & Maintenance

KPost’s Repair & Maintenance Department has 15 specialized crews that handle roof repair, preventative maintenance, installation of new roof penetrations, and provides 24-hour emergency leak repair service. KPost is qualified to make repairs to any type of roof and is approved to complete warranty repairs on the vast majority of roof manufacturers’ warranted systems.


The singular goal of our Repair & Maintenance Department is to ensure that an existing roof system will remain in maintainable condition up to or past its specified design life. With the largest Repair & Maintenance Department of any roofing contractor in North Texas, KPost has the resources to offer the most immediate response time to address a customer’s water infiltration issues.

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All repairs are completed per National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and manufacturers’ specifications and guidelines. All repair and maintenance records, invoices, roof warranties and roof assessment reports are archived in a web-based portal – a virtual filing cabinet that is accessible on-line at any time by the building owner or manager. Are you experiencing roof leaks? Watch this video to learn how KPost’s Repair & Maintenance Department can ease your pain!