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KPost Umbrella Program

Your new roof by KPost Company includes our annual ‘Umbrella Program’ roof inspection, plus added ‘housekeeping’ services for a 3-year term!

All major roofing manufacturers recommend or require periodic roof inspections, followed by any necessary repairs & preventative maintenance in order for the long-term No Dollar Limit (NDL) Warranty to remain valid and in full effect, as outlined in the fine print of your manufacturer’s warranty.

The KPost Umbrella Program includes three (3) years of an annual roof inspection by a KPost inspector to identify potential issues early, ensuring that your roof is currently and remains in warranty compliance.

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Perks & Benefits:
  • 3-year initial term includes – can be extended thereafter at a nominal annual cost.
  • Visual inspections of your roof system for state of condition and any obvious signs of water infiltration.
  • Removal of debris from drainage systems. Limited to rooftop drain strainers, downspout components of gutter systems, and scuppers.
  • Removal of rooftop surface debris. Limited to debris removable by one person.
  • Temporary repairs to visually-obvious points of water leaks or infiltration.
  • Roof planning documentation.
  • Roof Inspection Report with photo documentation of deficiencies and recommended plan of action for permanent repairs with pricing included.