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All-Pro Property Inspection

Inspection Includes:

  • Full Roof Inspection
  • Fascia, Soffit, & Gutters
  • All painted or stained surfaces (Inside damage, fencing, and siding)
  • Attic Inspection
  • Personal Property
  • Photo Documentation
    • Photos are taken of every slope, elevation, and damage found during the inspection so you as an owner know exactly what is going on with your roof.
    • Damage to elevations
      • Overview photo is taken
      • Photo of component
      • Close up of damage to component
      • Components:
        • Fascia & Soffit
        • Gutters
        • Siding & Accessories
        • Windows
        • Shutters
        • Garage Doors
        • Full Report Provided to You!
KPost Roof Inspection Report

Roof Installation Process

SilverSTAR Installation System

  • TotalSTAR Tear-Off
  • Legendary Nailing System with TornadoGRIP Nails
  • HallOfFAME Underlayment
  • BarrierPRO Valley Guard
  • ColorMATCH Accessories
  • NEVERLeak Ventilation Fasteners
  • TearPROOF Underlayment Fasteners
  • Silver Star PRO + System
Silver Star Installation System
Silver Star Roofing System


  • Your KPost Roofing and Waterproofing Service Representative will give you samples of actual materials, so you can make a choice you can be confident in.
      • Choose from a wide variety of materials and manufacturers from the best known names in the industry.
      • Check out the “Roof Types” tab to find which roof is best for you!
  • Materials can be delivered prior to installation, however, most times they are delivered the morning of the install.
  • Materials are inventoried prior to the work beginning to ensure everything was delivered and installation can begin.

DefensePRO Safety System “Keeps YOU, our TEAM, and Your NEIGHBORS Safe”

  • Good Neighbor Notification
  • Caution Tape Across Front of Property
  • Vehicle Cones
  • Safety Lights
  • OSHA Guidelines
Defense Pro Safety System
Silver Star Home Protection System

SilverSTAR Home Protection System

  • SilverSTAR Pre-Inspection
  • Removal of Personal Property From Areas Where if Could be Damaged
  • Customer Care Handout for Every Customer
  • Tarp and Protect All Landscaping
  • Cover Decks, Pools and Patios
  • Accommodation of your special requests

SilverSTAR Quality Clean Up “No Nail Left Behind”

  • Blow Debris From Roof, Drive, Gutters, Sidewalks, Decks and Patios
  • Rake Debris From All Landscaping and Yard
  • Metal Detector To Locate Any Loose Nails or Metal
Silver Star Quality Clean-Up

Know Your Roof

Roofing Accessories

  • Plumbing Pipe Jack, Each plumbing drain pipe in the home is connected to a stack vent. They help ensure proper drainage by preventing siphons from forming. Stack vents may give off sewer gas.
  • Dryer or Bathroom Vent, A vent for an exhaust fan like those found in bathrooms and laundry rooms. They exhaust moist air to the outside.
  • Roof Box Vent or Turtle Vent, They are are attic exhaust vents.
  • Exhaust Combustion Vent (Rain Cap), for an appliance such as a furnace, boiler, water heater or fireplace that burns fuel. They exhaust the toxic byproducts of combustion to the outside. These emit carbon monoxide
  • Exhaust Cap Vent (Rain Cap), typically for an appliance like a water heater, or a/c unit. They exhaust the toxic byproducts of combustion to the outside. These emit carbon monoxide
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