Solar Credits, Benefits and Maintenance

Tax Credits – There is a 30% federal solar tax credit available for customers that purchase Texas home solar system. You can claim the federal solar tax credit as long as you are a U.S. homeowner and own your solar panel system. You can claim the credit once; it will roll over to the next year if the taxes you owe are less than the credit you earn.

Benefits – The average equity added into the home is about $4,000 per kilowatt. A typical American family could expect to save around $1,500 on electricity every year by installing solar panels in their home.

Maintenance – Solar panels require little maintenance once they are installed. Most maintenance will include light cleaning to ensure dirt, leaves or other debris aren’t blocking the sun rays.


Reduce or eliminate energy – Depending on kilowatt consumption as well as house orientation and roof pitch, you can reduce or eliminate your energy bill up to 100%.

Earn tax credits and rebates – As well as the 30% FTC, there are many local incentives and rebates you can qualify for. Start by asking your local energy provider for information.

Start saving from day one – As well as reducing your electricity bill, special solar financing offers zero down installation and 18 months to get your federal tax credit.

Help the environment and help us all – Installing solar into your home can greatly reduce the green house emissions and helping with climate change, helping your family, wildlife and ecosystems.

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