Roofing Contractor Of The Year

“If roofing is indeed a team sport, then few — if any — commercial roofing contractors around the United States embrace the philosophy quite like the team at KPost Roofing & Waterproofing in Dallas. It starts with President Steve Little, who prefers the title of head coach, and it trickles down through the company’s organizational structure, which he prefers to describe in football terms.

“We’re made of three separate units: the offense, which is our sales team; the defense, which is our field leadership and crew; and the special teams, which is our administration,” Little described. “We built the company up like a football team because we knew that if we operated like a football team, that within that team we could train, manage and excel in our skillsets.”

The process, which evolved since CEO Keith Post, Little and CFO Jayne Williams set out to mold their own company in one of the most robust construction markets in the country in 2003, is working. KPost’s 430 employees tallied a company-record $63 million in revenue last year, an increase of roughly 30 percent from the previous year and good for 19th on RC’s Top 100 list for 2017.”



Other Awards

  • 2023 Associated Builders and Contractors-Accredited Quality Control Award
  • 2022 ASA Gold Award – Three Hickory Centre at Mercer Crossing
  • 2022 NRCA Gold Circle Honorable Mention – Globe Life Field
  • 2021 NTRCA Golden Hammer – Verizon Hidden Ridge
  • 2021 Texo Awards –1 Distinguished Building Awards (Globe Life)
  • 2021 TEXO/ABC-Texas Branch – 1 Outstanding Construction Award
  • 2021 NRCA’s Roofing Alliance MVP Award – Heath Baker winner in 2 categories: Outstanding On the Job Performance and Workmanship | and Outstanding Performance/Other Noteworthy Contributions Outside the Workplace.
  • 2021 Roofing Contractor Top 100 Roofing Contractors Award
  • 2020 NTRCA’s Golden Hammer Award for Outstanding Community Project
  • 2020 NRCA MVP – Piotr Lis
  • 2020 ASA Platinum Award – Charles Schwab
  • 2020 CAN/NRCA Community Service 3rd Place for Salvation Army
  • 2019 NTRCA Golden Hammer  – THR Southwest
  • 2019 ASA Gold Award – Statler Hotel
  • 2019 NTRCA Golden Hammer Community Service Award on the 24 Hour Club
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