March 30

Should You Get An Estimate For Your Roof Project?

A roofing estimate is a very important part of any roofing job. As a homeowner, it helps you better understand what you should expect from… Read More

March 27

How To Stop Water From Seeping Into Your Elevators

Water leaks can cause elevator pits to harbor as much as two feet of water, especially in poorly maintained elevator pits. Elevator pits are mostly… Read More

March 21

Frustrations of a Property Manager: The Four Toughest Hurdles

Commercial property managers face a constant barrage of phone calls to return, issues to tackle, and formidable to-do lists. Most Property Managers have duel responsibilities… Read More

March 20

Talk About Below-Grade Waterproofing – Underwater Hotels Gain Popularity

There is a new trend in high-end hotels – providing an unparalleled underwater experience by building hotel rooms underwater. From the latest hotel in Tanzania… Read More

March 16

How To Know The Lifespan Of Your New Roof

Depending on which of six roofing materials you have installed on your Dallas-area home’s roof, you could be set for a lifetime, or set to… Read More

March 13

KPOST Company’s Luciano Perez Wins Prestigious TEXO Safety Award

Luciano Perez does it again! Perez, ’s Safety Manager/Certified Safety and Health official, was honored at TEXO’s Holiday & Awards Gala December 18th, 2014, with… Read More

March 10

Commercial Roofing Contractors Must Rally Around Immigration Reform

There are many industries in the U.S. that, truth be told, are completely reliant on an immigrant workforce. Commercial roofing is just one of those,… Read More

March 6

A “Shivery, Shovelry” Fall and Winter, Promises The Farmers’ Almanac

As the simmering heat of another late Texas summer recedes, autumn brings with it the dynamic thunderstorms, occasional hail, and temperature swings that wreak havoc… Read More

March 2

Commercial Roofing Ensures Safer Environments for Data Centers

With the continuing saga of the Target security breach, it’s no wonder that security is top of mind for businesses and consumers alike. Most recently,… Read More

March 1

How To Protect & Waterproof Your Structure With KPost

In a perfect world, you shouldn’t have to worry about the waterproofing needs of your commercial structure. You don’t have to sacrifice beauty and drama… Read More