Durable, attractive, and eco-friendly — Tesla Solar Roofs are at the forefront of roof technology. If you are a forward-thinking person who appreciates innovation, you might consider a Tesla Solar Roof for your home. Is this the right choice? Consider these eight top benefits of Tesla Solar Roofs, and decide for yourself.

1. Clean Energy

Did you know that the majority of electricity in the United States is still generated by burning fossil fuels? Burning coal, natural gas, and other fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, which contribute to climate change. When you have a Tesla Solar Roof, you can stop relying on public utilities and fossil fuels for your home’s power. The photovoltaic cells generate electricity from sunlight, a clean and unlimited resource. Long-term, this is better for the planet.

2. Lower or No Electric Bills

You can pair your Tesla Solar Roof with a Tesla Powerwall, which stores extra electricity for later use. With a Tesla Powerwall, most people can disconnect from the public utility, if desired. You will no longer have to pay an electric bill.

If you want to stay connected to the grid, you can feed any excess energy your solar roof makes into the grid. If you make more electricity than you use, you’ll receive a check from your electric company instead of a bill.

3. Increased Home Value

You’re not the only one who wants a Tesla Solar Roof. Home buyers love these roofs, too. Having one on your home will increase your home value. If you decide to sell the home, you can set your asking price higher. You may also get more offers, allowing buyers to bid the price up.

4. Power During Outages

If you have a Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwall, you will have a continuous supply of electricity. If the public power goes out, you won’t be affected. You won’t need a separate generator to power your home during a power outage, either. For this reason, a Tesla Solar Roof can give you peace of mind if you have lots of freezers, medical equipment, or other appliances that need a continuous power supply. A Tesla Solar Roof is also a good choice if you want to build a remote, off-grid home in an area not served by electric companies.

5. Easy Maintenance

Tesla Solar Roofs are easier to care for than roofs made from other materials. The roof panels are designed to be really slick. Rain water will run right off the roof, carrying dirt and debris with it. You won’t have to power wash your roof or scrub it; you won’t have to hire someone to do it for you. This is another way a Tesla Solar Roof will save you time and money.

6. Safety

Especially if you disconnect from the grid, a Tesla Solar Roof can make your home safer. You won’t need any high power lines running over your home. So, there is no risk of the lines coming down and starting a fire during a storm. You won’t need a generator, either. As such, you won’t need to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning, fires, and the other risks that come with a generator.

You won’t have to climb up a ladder and clean your Tesla Solar Roof, eliminating the risk of fall-related injuries.

7. Easy Repairs

One alternative to the Tesla Solar Roof is a standard metal roof with separate solar panels. However, with this setup, you need to work with two parties for repairs and maintenance: the roof company and the solar company. With Tesla’s products, you only work with one company for all your repair and replacement needs.

With a Tesla Solar Roof, there’s no need to remove solar panels to access and repair the roof structure. The photovoltaic system also is your roof structure.

8. Great Return on Investment

While a Tesla Solar Roof does come with a significant upfront cost, it’s an investment that will pay for itself over time. There are federal tax credits that can make the roof more affordable. Plus, the amount you save on electricity, repairs, and maintenance over the years can add up. Many Tesla Solar Roofs pay for themselves within 7 to 10 years. After that, the savings really start building.

Tesla Solar Roofs have really revolutionized the solar and roofing industries. These roof systems allow you freedom from the grid. They are easy to repair and maintain and improve your home value significantly. If you are interested in learning more about Tesla Solar Roof systems, please contact KPost Company in the DFW Metroplex, Southlake, Plano, Dallas, Denton, and Ft. Worth. We’ll work with you to design the perfect roof for your home.

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