As the simmering heat of another late Texas summer recedes, autumn brings with it the dynamic thunderstorms, occasional hail, and temperature swings that wreak havoc on roofs accustomed to toasting in the sun. Now is the time to enlist the help of a trusted commercial roofing company, skilled at problem solving and communication, for preventative maintenance and the peace of mind that comes with it.

“Clients should know that when we climb up on each roof, we will clean it up and provide our clients with a maintenance plan that is ideal providing the peace of mind they expect from KPost Company. When a roof does not require maintenance, we say so,” said Steve Little, President of KPost Company. “We approach every assignment with high levels of integrity, and that is consistently reflected in the way we serve our clients.” “Clients asking for preventative maintenance for the upcoming storm season demonstrates proactive management of their company assets and limits business interruptions.”

The Farmers’ Almanac: Wet, Cool Fall Punctuated with Severe Weather

Major rain-producing storms are stirring up and heading south now. This year The Farmers’ Almanac has issued a long-range weather forecast predicting:

  • Cool temperatures
  • More rainfall than usual
  • Three potential hurricanes capable of producing damaging storms

Facility managers and building owners must schedule preventative roof maintenance calls soon if they wish to sidestep the litany of problems severe weather visits upon unprepared roofs.

Preventative Maintenance: Why Do It?

1. Facility managers should prioritize preventative maintenance in order to preserve any manufacturer or company warranties covering their roofs.

2. Emergency repairs simply cost more, by some estimates as much as 50% more, than maintenance bills.

3. The longevity and durability of the roof in question is increased substantially when basic maintenance and proper care occur regularly.

As building owners gear up for another wild autumn, it is important to recognize that when rain and variable temperatures follow sustained high temperatures, small holes and cracks do often form in roofing material. Little remarked, “The ice stores from last winter combined with the sweltering heat from this summer is going to cause a real mess this fall on those roofs that haven’t been maintained. Cleaning drains and removing debris that could possibly block scuppers and overflow drains are high priority service items during a preventative maintenance call. The weight of standing water destroys the integrity of a roof’s structure. Even just an inch of water standing in a puddle 10 feet by 10 feet weighs roughly a quarter of a ton.”

Tackling these problems while they are still small in scope yields repair bills that are also minor and an assurance that, come what may, the roofing system will stand up to the hail and high winds Mother Nature hurtles at it. Alternately, waiting for the roofing material to degrade to the point water actually leaks into the building yields heftier repairs, billed at a premium since rush jobs always cost more. Owners and managers must accept maintenance costs as a healthy and necessary aspect of property caretaking.

Waterproof It: Let the Rain Fall Where It May

Effective weatherproofing requires a highly skilled waterproofing division experienced with a diversity of manufacturer products and a thorough knowledge of trouble spots ranging from joint sealants to flashings to seams. “At KPost Company, we have separate WP and roof maintenance divisions because it requires specialized craftsmen for each trade,” says Shawn Morgan, KPost Company WP Division Manager. Pounding rain finds its way into the subtlest of cracks and crevices, particularly when left to unattended. Gutters and drains must be free of debris in order to function effectively and prevent standing water.

“Now is the ideal time to call up our expert team, before the foul weather hits. We will scrutinize the entire building envelope, locate the minor discrepancies others miss, and repair them before they cause damage. We spare our clients stress and preserve their peace of mind,” said Tracey Donels, KPost Company Service Manager.

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