A roofing estimate is a very important part of any roofing job. As a homeowner, it helps you better understand what you should expect from your roofing contractor. It also helps you know how to best budget for the project.

From the materials needed to the time it will take to complete the job, your roofers must put everything on paper so you can know what exactly is involved in the job at hand.

What to Include in an Estimate

Getting an estimate helps you know what to expect in terms of the project cost, and it should show an itemized breakdown of where the costs come from. Knowing this can help you identify which roofing contractors are legitimate and which ones are trying to swindle you.

Here are the main things you should look for when going through your estimate:

Explanation of Your Current Roof’s Condition

A genuine estimate should provide a full description of the current condition of your roof and what will need to be done to restore its function and curb appeal. It should be specific about the work to be done and the materials required. This way both of you are on the same page about the services being delivered.

Total Square Feet/Area of Your Roof Being Worked On

Roofers often charge labor costs per square footage of the roof being worked on. Moreover, roofing materials are sold by the square (one square equals 100 square feet of the roof). So, knowing exactly the total area of your roof being worked on will help you understand whether the total cost of work is fair.

Type of Roofing Materials to Be Used

The estimate should also give specific information on the following items:

  • Type and color of roofing materials
  • The manufacturer of the materials
  • Underlayment and it’s thickness
  • Flashings and where they will be installed
  • Ventilation and all needed components
  • The size of fasteners and nails
  • Which sealant will be used in areas which mandate waterproofing (flashings, nail holes, etc.)

Warranty Options

Your estimate should present the warranties for the workmanship as well as the roofing materials. In general, a limited lifetime warranty will have excellent protection during the initial years of your roof’s lifespan and transition to be pro-rated in the subsequent years.

In most cases, a lifetime warranty is considered to be half a century. Your estimate should also state whether the warranty is transferable to another property owner should you choose to sell your home.

Approximate Timeline for the Re-roof

The estimate should spell out the start date and completion date of your roofing project. This can change due to inclement weather or if more damage is discovered after the work starts. Regardless, your roofer should keep you up to date to any changes.

Payment Due Dates

Every last detail of the payment terms and due dates should be explained in-depth in the estimate. You should know the required down payment, payment methods, and when the final payment is due.

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