When there are so many associations to choose from, it may become difficult to make a decision on the right one to join. They all have the best intentions at heart and are there to serve their members based on the needs. Whether it’s industry-related, such as associations supporting commercial roofing, topical in nature, or supporting a community, associations provide a way for people to align and unify their voice to make a difference. So how do you decide which associations are right for you?

“When I realized that my concerns could best be addressed on a national level, it became clear what my path should be with regard to aligning with associations,” said Jayne Williams, KPost Company CFO. “I’m very concerned about immigration reform and realized that conversation would be better addressed nationally.”

When Williams decided to focus on this and other important business issues such as the Affordable Care Act and regulatory changes in the industry, she felt it prudent to work with the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and support their many national and global initiatives.

According to Bill Good, NRCA Executive Vice President, the association focuses on legislative and regulatory issues as part of their industry support because it is difficult for roofing contractors to have a presence in Washington D.C. NRCA can align resources and make the industry heard.

“It does not matter what side you are on. Associations like ours provide an avenue for people to take a position,” said Good.

The most recent issues NRCA is addressing include two significant regulatory changes from OSHA . On the legislative front, they tend to work on:

  • Labor and tax issues.
  • Legislation on regulatory reform focused on making it friendlier to small business.
  • Energy-related legislation, particularly in the area of tax credits for energy saving products.

“We believe in the causes we support. We are on the right side of the angels here,” said Good. “We really like our members and believe people who own roofing companies are the heart of America. It’s easy to advocate for them.”

Advocacy Helps You Grow

Williams knew that her passion for immigration reform and other commercial roofing industry initiatives would require advocacy in D.C.

“It is not unusual to see legislation and regulations that make life difficult for small business,” said Williams. “We wanted to find the best way to support these businesses, which should be the backbone of America. So I got involved in NRCA to lend our voice to these important causes.”

When asked why immigration reform was so important, Williams had this to say:

“It’s important because I have known so many people who have immigrated and discovered that they want to be here. They want to work, they work hard and they want to live the dream. It’s difficult to become naturalized. I think we can do a better job. This country was built on the belief you can live out your dreams.”

Williams knew NRCA would align with the needs of the commercial roofing industry and small business in general. But she also recognized there would be other benefits as well.

“I believe being involved in all our associations has made a difference for us and the KPost Company brand,” said Williams. “We have really grown as an organization and are pleased to be a part of these amazing associations, such as NRCA, MRCA, NTRCA and TEXO. They believe in giving back and so do we. It’s a win for everyone and gives us another avenue to grow personally and professionally.”

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