Low-slope roofs are strong, durable, and should protect your commercial building for years to come. Like any roof, they may be susceptible to leaking for a variety of reasons. The good news is you can repair – rather than replace – a leaking low-slope roof in most cases.

The causes of low-slope roof leaks

Among the most common causes of low-slope roof leaks are ponding, or pooling water, leaks caused by a damaged roofing membrane, and leaks around penetrating structures such as plumbing vents and pipes.

Another major cause of low-slope roof leaks is harsh weather, such as hail storms and heavy rain, as well as the cumulative effect of the sun’s harshest rays.

Clogged drains can also lead to roof leaks because they lead to ponding water. Ponding water not only places extra weight on your roof, but it can also lead to algae, roof membrane rot, and the destruction of the reflective coating.

How soon should you call your roofer?

It’s essential to repair low-slope roof leaks as soon as possible to prevent water from further damaging your building while resulting in costly repairs. You should always call a professional roofing contractor, especially if there are signs of heavy damage such as:

  • Large holes, particularly in the roofing felt
  • Severe cracking
  • Punctures caused by debris or hail

When your roofing contractor arrives, they’ll assess the damage and determine whether routine repair work is needed – which is most often the case – or if it’s time for a replacement based on the damage, extent of the leaks, the roof’s age, and other factors.

You can prepare for your roofer’s visit in a variety of ways, including clearing the roof of debris or sending your contractor pictures of the damage and leaking areas.

Are there DIY things you can do before the roofer arrives?

Some things you can do on your own before the roofer arrives are:

  • Locate the leak
  • Remove any debris
  • Dry the area (to prevent mold, among other things)
  • Identify the extent of the damage
  • Check the roof’s seams for cracks and holes

If the low-slope roof of your Dallas-area commercial building has leaks, call the professionals at KPost Company. No job is too big or complicated for the KPost Company team.

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