You already know your commercial property needs a sturdy, well-installed roof to ensure every area of the building is in great shape. Having a waterproof roof coating on your roof might be a good solution for your business. It offers a simpler, cost-effective option to add more years to your roof while avoiding a complete roof replacement. Here are four benefits of waterproofing your commercial roof.

1. Lower Surface Temperature

A waterproof coating with highly reflective ingredients will reflect infrared radiation away from your building. These coatings reflect up to 90% percentage of the sun’s heat and as a result, the inside ambient air temperature rises at a much slower rate. This allows the inside of the building to remain cooler for a longer period of time while running the air conditioning less. This, in turn, keeps the occupants comfortable and reduces your cooling bill.

2. Effectively Extends the Life of Your Roof

A waterproof coating creates a resilient barrier between your roof’s uppermost layers and the elements. This provides an additional layer of protection from decay, wear, and leaks caused by rain, wind, and ice.

At the same time, the coating protects your roof from UV rays, which can damage the roofing substrate and cause premature aging. It also keeps the chemicals in the roof intact and ensures the roof membrane remains flexible during temperature fluctuations without drying out, tearing, splitting, cracking, ripping, or leaking. This provides strength and longevity to roofing materials while lowering maintenance expenses and maintaining the appearance of the structure.

3. Prevents Early Roof Replacement

Applying a waterproof coating produces a monolithic coating which can repair and/or cover minor damage and small deficiencies. What’s more, a waterproof coating is much simpler to repair and maintain than your existing roof infrastructure. When necessary, repairs will be smaller, less extensive, and generally much quicker to perform.

The coating system is installed directly over your roof and can be recoated about every 10 years, allowing you to avoid a full-scale roof replacement.

4. Owner Savings

By reducing utility bills and preventing costly water damage, ruined inventory, and ruined equipment, you should expect a significant reduction in expenses. Roof restoration using a waterproof coating system can save you 50-70% compared to a full roof replacement. You can avoid all roof removal stages as well as labor, material, landfill, and disposal costs. What’s more, you’re able to keep your business open during installation, thanks to minimal noise and odor disruptions.

The correct coating system qualifies for up to a 20-year warranty package to ensure excellent waterproofing capabilities.

A waterproof coating system keeps your commercial roof in good condition and takes a load off your shoulders. If you’re considering this method of extending the life of your roof, contact KPost Company. We’ll be happy to give you a free quote and take your Dallas-area commercial roof to the next level.

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