Commercial roofs are costly investments and as a property owner or manager, you’ll want to get the most out of your roofs before it needs to be replaced. Proactive preventive maintenance is the most cost-effective way to maximize your commercial roof’s performance and prolong its life. Spending a few bucks today can save you tremendous time and money tomorrow. Generally, preventive maintenance involves periodic inspections and timely repair of roofing components such as drains, curbs, flashings, reflective coatings, etc.

Importance of Preventive Maintenance Agreement

As a commercial property owner or manager, you probably know that roofing manufacturers recommend periodic inspections, preventive maintenance, and necessary repairs for the warranty to remain valid and in full force. You can go through the fine print of your manufacturer’s warranty to understand these terms and conditions.

Through KPost Company’s Umbrella Program Agreement, you can schedule roof inspections and identify potential issues early, helping you save money and keep your commercial roof up to warranty compliance. Here are some benefits you’ll enjoy by working with KPost Company in maintaining your commercial roof.

Periodic Roof Inspections

Your commercial roof should be inspected at least twice every year – once in spring and once in the fall. During the inspection, KPost Company professionals will carry out the following:

  • Inspect drains and downspouts to ensure they are free of blockages which could inhibit proper drainage.
  • Inspect rooftop vents and equipment to ensure they are well sealed.
  • Check flashings and penetrations for any gaps or tears.
  • Look out for any signs of roof damage and recommend solutions.

Basic Repairs

If KPost Company roofers notice any minor issues on your roof, they will fix it on the spot. This includes minor cuts and open laps. If larger than a minor lap or cut, KPost Company will recommend repairs to mitigate further damage which could compromise the integrity of your entire roof system.

Recommended Repairs

When repairs involve more work and money to be completed, you will be presented in a proposal following the inspection. KPost Company strongly recommends these repairs be completed soon after the inspection to ensure the integrity of the roof is not compromised.

KPost Company’s Umbrella Program Agreement

KPost Company’s Umbrella Program Agreement gives you a yearly roof inspection to ensure your roof is free of damages. Experienced roofers will also do a basic clean up of drains, gutters, and remove any debris on the roof. Small repairs will be handled the same day, but if there are bigger damages, they’ll be documented and added to a proposal.

After each inspection, you’ll be presented with a report on the overall condition of your roof and any repair recommendations. In most cases, the repairs are meant to prevent minor damages from escalating into major issues. The aim is to keep your roof in the best possible shape and improve its lifespan past the manufacturer’s warranty period.

KPost Company’s Umbrella Program offers two packages for commercial property owners: Basic and Plus+.

Umbrella Basic

Under KPost Company’s basic umbrella program agreement, the following services will be rendered:

  • Visually inspect your roof system for any signs of water infiltration
  • Remove debris from the roof surface (limited to debris that can be cleared and carried by one person).
  • Remove debris from your rooftop’s drainage systems (limited to rooftop drain strainers, scuppers, and the downspout components of your gutter system.
  • Temporary repairs to any obvious points of water infiltration.
  • Umbrella basic site report.

Umbrella Plus+

This option includes the Umbrella Basic services plus a full roof assessment. Other services include:

  • Detailed problem prevention and identification.
  • Recommendations to give your roof prolonged performance past the warranty period.
  • Roof plan documentations.
  • Comprehensive 5-year budget forecast.
  • Full-color photographs.

Depending on your specific roofing needs, you can switch between the Umbrella Basic and Umbrella Plus packages. And even if your roof warranty is with another contractor, you can switch to KPost Company after their workmanship warranty has expired. The warranty is fully transferable. Temporary repairs done during routine inspections are covered by the warranty, but major repairs will need further inspections to determine if the repairs are warrantable.

Work with KPost Company

KPost Company is an authorized roofer working with almost every manufacturer in the country. We have a skilled team of more than 400 employees to install any type of commercial roof. We specialize in single-ply, modified, built-up, and ballast roofs. So if you have any questions about commercial roofs or Preventive Maintenance Agreement Plans, contact us today!

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