Every roof leak is an emergency. To you. And yet, when you call a local, reliable roofer — perhaps even someone you worked with before — they do not seem as moved by your catastrophe as you are. Why?

Inside, Not Outside

A commercial roofing emergency affects the interior function, usability, or operation of your facility. Suppose you have expensive, delicate electronic equipment in your business, and you see water actively dripping down from a roof leak. That is a roofing emergency.

Suppose you have a small business, and a dark, dank stain appears, slowly, over time in the employee bathroom. That is not a roofing emergency.

Do not misunderstand — both issues must be addressed. The one that threatens to ruin equipment or inventory is an emergency. The roof leak which weakens the building structure is a roofing emergency.


A major category of roofing emergencies is the unhealthy mix of electricity and water. Suppose you have an X-Ray machine in a doctor’s clinic, and a roof leak is probably causing those discoloring stains on the ceiling. Everyone assumes a small roof leak is the source, but nobody has gone poking around “up there.”

Since nobody checked the roof deck or attic, it is an emergency. The potential for an electrical fire, a ruined (very expensive) X-Ray machine, and possible harm to life is too great.

An easy rule of thumb for judging a leak is to time the rate of falling water drops. Small, slow drops? Not much of an emergency, but roof repair is needed. Faster, bigger drops? Call now!


No roof leak is self-healing. Even a tiny stain growing larger day by day, though not an immediate emergency, spells trouble. If in doubt, treat every leak as a roofing emergency and make the call to your commercial roofer.

Unless you are trained and know what to look for, a trip into the attic or up through a hatchway into the roof deck will not help. Can you tell how fast the water is dripping, and how much of the deck is ruined?

Simply put: every passing day works against you and increases the “emergent” part of a roofing emergency. Neither the leak nor the building will heal itself, and the longer you ignore the leak, the worse the damage to your building.

Please contact the professionals of KPost Company today to stop those leaks tomorrow.

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