Lawyers and insurance companies seem to rule the world. Hardly anything we do today is not touched by the heavy hand of an insurance company or an attorney. From safety precaution labels on fast food coffee cups to tiny print about liability, you navigate a maze of legalese with every action. Always present: the threat of a lawsuit which could ruin your company. That is a big reason you should care about the safety record of your commercial roofer.

Safety First, Last, and Always

You need to know your company is not financially or legally liable for work done by the commercial roofer you choose to hire. You need to know your commercial roofer operates from a position that puts safety first, last, and always.

KPost Company is dedicated to safety. This makes financial sense, sure, but it also makes sense as a company with a heart. We value our employees. We train them to perform their important jobs safely. We spend money on safety where other roofers spend money on billboards.

Invest in Safety

A commercial customer who partners with KPost Company is actually investing in safety. We spend some $400,000 annually on safety training, personal protection equipment (PPE), and other safety protocols. We invest in our workers, so they can perform their work on your roof efficiently and safely.

Every employee must have a minimum of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 10-hour safety class. If a new employee does not already have their OSHA-10 card, we provide the employee with the class.

KPost Company spends over 15,000 worker hours annually on safety training. We have OSHA trainers who are so good they are qualified to train other companies’ employees. We have bilingual construction safety health officials (CSHA) on staff, as well as bilingual OSHA trainers.

Safety Equals Savings

Our safety-conscious work ethic pays off for customers because we earn the Experience Modification Rate (EMR) with insurers, a rate adjustment that keeps our costs low. When we save on insurance protections, we pass the savings on to you, our customers.

When KPost Company emphasizes safety, quality, and value, almost everyone benefits. KPost Company has happier, healthier employees; our customers get better roofs. The only ones grumbling are the lawyers and insurance companies.

To work with one of the safest, best commercial roofers in the Dallas area, please contact us at KPost Company. We offer safety, quality, and value with every roofing project.

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