How KPost Charities is Impacting Local Communities Through the Power of Giving

How KPost Charities is Impacting Local Communities Through the Power of Giving

Those who truly understand the joy of generous living know that the true blessings in life come from giving back. The passion behind KPost Roofing & Waterproofing is an understanding “to whom much is given, much is required.” As KPost continues to grow as one of the top commercial and residential contractors in North Texas, the opportunities to give back have truly become the company’s passion.

Giving has always been an integral part of the lives of the founders of KPost, so when CFO Jayne Williams shared the vision for KPost Charities in 2007, the leadership was excited to see this foundation launch! 

KPost Charities is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that recognizes and supports local organizations and programs that help improve the lives of local communities. The vision is to serve those in need. Knowing that financial support will dramatically impact people’s lives and help others accomplish their goals in life is why KPost Charities is pushing for others to join in on their efforts and give back to the community around them. 

One of the primary programs of KPost Charities is the scholarship fund. The scholarship provides opportunities for students to apply for financial aid for college. Furthermore, KPost Charities launched another level to the scholarship foundation, the Brent McFarlin Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship was awarded to the most outstanding recipient among all scholarship recipients to honor the life of a former employee who passed away. 

Brent McFarlin photo

Brent McFarlin held a prominent position as a leader within the company. He exemplified a life well-lived, emphasizing family, community and embracing every moment. His character commanded admiration and respect from all those who crossed his path. His admiration extended beyond his role at KPost to the betterment of its employees and the community.

Brent McFarlin’s influence at KPost was felt by all who knew him, professionally or personally. He was known for his kind heart and dedication to helping others. This charitable spirit is what inspired the Brent McFarlin Memorial Scholarship. KPost Charities has given over $160,000 in scholarship money to deserving students. One of the earliest recipients of the scholarship is currently in medical school and has plans to become an Orthopedic Surgeon. The uniqueness of this scholarship is applicants can pursue a college education or trade school. There is no barrier to educational growth.

Backpack Packing Party

In 2007, KPost CFO Jayne Williams wanted to do something special for KPost employees and their families, Jayne coordinated a backpack packing party, where 250 backpacks were filled and gifted to KPost employees for their kids going to school. Fifteen years later, 2,200 were able to be handed out in 2023 to the employees and the community. Jayne shared, “First and foremost, it’s our employees and their families that we try to be the most charitable to.” KPost Charities began and continues to be one of the rewarding aspects of what we do.

Purple Strides Team Effort

As KPost Charities has grown in size and stature, so has its impact on local communities. They are proud to say that they have helped educate, feed the hungry, and provide comfort to those in need. 

Because an employee’s passion often piques their charity interest, KPost Charities has helped several other organizations. They’ve helped with teddy bear drives in hospitals and homeless shelters, large food drives, and fundraisers to support Christian Community Action (CCA), The Salvation Army, and other religious organizations.

KPost Charities will continue the pursuit of giving back to the community and counts it a privilege to partner with others in our community to make a lasting impact. The company’s lasting impact is not defined by the financial gains and awards but through giving back and building lasting relationships within the community. To know more about how you can partner with KPost Charities, we encourage you to contact Jayne Williams at and check out KPost Roofing & Waterproofing to learn more!


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