While membrane roofing is highly durable and can last for up to 50 years, poor maintenance and damage can significantly shorten its lifespan. A timely and effective repair wherever possible can prolong the life of your roof and save you the cost of a full roof replacement. Always ensure your waterproofing membrane is inspected at least once every year by a professional roofer who can advise whether repairs or patching can save your roof.

Signs of Waterproofing Membrane Deterioration

When you access your commercial flat roof, there are various signs of physical deterioration you might notice. You could notice water ponding on the roof after downpours, detached or loose laps on the membrane, or water stains on your ceilings. Common problems with flat roofs often emanate from water seeping along the side, under the edges of the roof, and around penetration pipes and other roofing equipment such as HVAC units. Only a professional roofing inspection can reveal the extent of damage and whether you’ll need simple repairs or a full waterproofing membrane replacement.

How to Repair Waterproofing Membrane

Depending on the extent of damage on your waterproofing membrane, your roofer may recommend simple patches or a complete replacement. Of course, some waterproofing membranes are typically a sheet product which can be cold- or hot-applied as a patch. Other membranes will need to be applied as a liquid. One outstanding advantage of a liquid applied membrane is it can be applied even during business hours, thanks to its low-odor level, low noise, and controlled application.

Liquid applied membranes also work great on highly irregular surfaces, vertical surfaces, and horizontal surfaces. Being in liquid form, it’s a quick way to patch and restore existing waterproofing membranes. It can be applied cold and cures quickly. Additionally, you won’t need any penetration of the waterproofing assembly, which saves you time and materials.

When Patching Works

You and your waterproofing contractor will decide when patching makes sense. But in general, here are the factors to consider when deciding to patch or to replace your waterproofing membrane.

  • Limited damage, by the degree of water infiltration or by square footage
  • When putting off complete waterproofing membrane replacement with the aim to save money
  • When you want to prevent small leaks from worsening as you plan for a more extensive strategy
  • When trying to maintain an existing, water-resistant property

Work with a Waterproofing Expert!

Your best chance of getting a great waterproofing outcome is to work with a waterproofing expert. Resist the temptation to try fixing things on your own and have a professional waterproofing contractor inspect your roof and carry out the repair work. Waterproofing failure can cause extensive water damage and affect the structural integrity of your building. Regular inspection and timely remedial waterproofing can, however, help you stop small leaks from escalating into major problems. As the leading provider of quality waterproofing solutions in Dallas, TX, KPost Company can help with all your waterproofing needs. Contact our friendly team today to learn more about our services or to get a free estimate.

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