In a perfect world, you shouldn’t have to worry about the waterproofing needs of your commercial structure. You don’t have to sacrifice beauty and drama of water features to keep your building inhabitants and visitors safe. But the problem is, things do go wrong and not all contractors are experienced in waterproofing commercial flat roofs. Issues with waterproofing can result in leaks, property and structural damage, and in extreme cases, human injury.

Protect & Waterproof Your Structure with KPost Company!

When it comes to maintenance and proper waterproofing for your commercial building, prevention is the best budget-balancing practice. Our waterproofing team is trained and ready to provide your building with the right waterproofing solutions in the industry to ensure you’re protected all season round.

No commercial job is too large or too small for us. We work with high rise buildings, medical facilities, universities, and industrial buildings to provide a full range of waterproofing and protective coating services. Our products preserve not only your structure but your peace of mind and the trust of those who use your facility.

Our Waterproofing Components

At KPost Company, we can’t stop the rain and other weather elements, but we can certainly help prevent them from damaging your property. Our waterproofing components can help you avoid costly repairs or replacements which emanate from your building deteriorating under consistent exposure to moisture. The highly experienced team at KPost Company only uses the most up-to-date waterproofing products on the market to provide the following services:

  • Sealant/Joint Repair & Installation
  • Wall Coatings
  • Roof Coating
  • Below-Grade Waterproofing
  • Window Wet Glazing and Caulking
  • Urethane/Epoxy Deck Coating Systems
  • Sealing and Repair of Fountains/Water Features
  • Concrete/Masonry Repair
  • Air & Vapor Barrier Systems
  • Expansion Joint Systems
  • Cleaning & Water Repellants

We are Your Ultimate Waterproofing Company in Dallas, TX

At KPost Company, we’re proud to have helped several Dallas, TX property owners restore wholeness in regards to keeping their commercial buildings waterproof. Our high experience has enabled us to earn a reputation for providing exemplary waterproofing services for commercial businesses. And since we understand your local weather patterns and environment, we can expertly craft the right waterproofing solution based on your building design and budget.

Let your building get wet as we focus on keeping you dry. For more information about our premium waterproofing services, contact KPost Company in Dallas, TX today. Our mission is to help you stay ahead of the rain and water damage, saving you time and money in the long-term.

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