Forbes magazine named the Dallas Cowboys the most valuable NFL team for the 7th straight year. Granted, the fact that the team has a monetary value of $2.3 billion directly correlates to why it makes the Forbes list. But ask yourself this – does the most valuable team have that distinction because of the monetary worth? Or do they have the monetary worth because of something else – something intangible?

It takes dedication and strong leadership to continually be the best. In the case of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones has strategically positioned the team to be at the top of the Forbes list through a series of tactics all geared toward one thing – excellence. Whether its merchandise, naming rights of the stadium or television deals, the Cowboys accumulate positive assets to be at the top of the most lucrative sports league in the world, the NFL.

Simply the Best

The team at KPost Company understands the dedication it takes to stay on top of the game. Recently, they were recognized by Roofing Contractor Magazine as one of the Top 100 Roofing Contractors, and have had that distinction for the last 5 years in a row. Much like the Forbes listing for NFL teams, the list is based on annual revenue. However, just like the Cowboys, the KPost Company leaders understand the dedication it takes to create a thriving, successful business.

“Value goes beyond dollar signs. At KPost Company, we add value to every customer asset we touch. Our workmanship is top notch and we ensure that all jobs are completed with superior quality,” said Steve Little, President and “Head Coach” of KPost Company. “Frankly, it is our dedication to the tactics leading up to and completing a commercial roofing project that make the difference. It’s the game plan that ensures we make the best plays to provide winning results.”

Strategic Positioning is Critical

When Jerry Jones purchased the Dallas Cowboys, they were already a successful franchise. He took that foundation and created a whole new level of value for the team. This did not happen by accident. It took strong planning to create a solid strategy, and then executing on that strategy. It meant looking at the NFL franchise and deciding how to execute the best strategy for high-end results.

KPost Company is young by industry standards, having started in 2003. However, the leadership team is seasoned and quite capable of creating strong strategies for high-end commercial roofing projects. Integrity is the heart and soul of everything KPost Company does. Striving to be better is an integral part of the strategy KPost Company executes daily. It starts with the leadership team and flows throughout every employee. The end result is creating value for customers, ensuring long-term jobs for employees through excellence in safety, and executing every strategic step with high levels of quality.

Value is Long-Term

“Everything we do is long term and we are focused on making a difference. Every project is approached using our mantra Safety, Quality, Value. Doing so ensures that we keep making a difference for our clients,” said Little.

KPost Company has made a difference in several industries, including hospitals, high-profile difficult commercial roofing projects, and multi-facility owner businesses. The level of quality and safety required to execute a solid roofing project in these industries does not happen overnight. It requires the ability to think strategically, and add value so that it lasts for the long-term.

When it comes to commercial roofing, short-term thinking does not get the job done. It takes a solid focus on value to become a leader as a sub-contractor. KPost Company has accomplished this by using the Safety, Quality, Value approach on every project, making them the team to watch!

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