When you see hail falling from the sky, you should be concerned about your roof. Hail storms can cause significant roof damage, even when the hail is not overly large! After a hail storm who should you call first — your insurance company or a roofing company?

The first call you make should be to your roofer.

Call a Roofing Company First

Hail damage is hard to assess from the ground. You might see some shiny patches on the shingles. You may notice some shingles are cracked or peeling. Yet, not all damage is this obvious.

The hail may have damaged shingles which are out of your line of vision. It may have cracked some flashing or damaged the seams of your metal roof. A roofer can safely climb up on your roof and carry out a full, comprehensive inspection.

So why should you call the roofing company before your insurance company? The short answer is that by calling the roof company, you get a better idea of what damage you’re asking your homeowners’ insurance company to cover. If you call the roofing company first, when you do call your insurer, you can tell them exactly how much damage the hail did and what issues you need to have repaired.

What Roofers Look for After a Storm

Every roof company is a bit different. At KPost Company, we offer free storm damage assessments. We will send expert roofers to your home to do a full evaluation. They know how hail damages the roof and will check for signs including:

  • Black, hail-damaged spots on shingles
  • Dents in metal roofing or flashing
  • Split or peeling shingles
  • Lost shingle granules
  • Weakened seams or seals
  • Bent gutters

Our roofers will take photos as they go so you’ll have complete documentation to share with your insurance company. We also give you a complete, itemized list of any damaged materials and items. Since our response time is less than 24 hours, you won’t have to worry about leaks and other consequences of damage. We’ll even meet with your insurance adjuster if needed.

After a hail storm, the first call you make should be to your roofing company. Then, if there is damage, you can contact your insurance agent. If you’re in need of a storm damage assessment in the DFW Metroplex or Plano, contact the experts at KPost Company for a free inspection.

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